Beach Activities The Whole Family Can Take Part In

Beach Activities The Whole Family Can Take Part In

There are so many beach activities that the whole family can take part in, it can be difficult to choose which ones to do. It will depend on how old your kids are to which activities suit them best. Some will be too dangerous for little children to take part in such as wakeboarding. The great thing is at the beach there really is something for everyone to do. In this article, I will talk about the best ones that you should consider taking part in the next time you take your family to the beach.

#1: Beach Yoga

If going to the beach with your family is to help you unwind from the stresses of everyday life, you should consider doing beach yoga as a family together.

#2: Limbo Contest

Maybe you are going to the beach with your family for lots of fun and playing a Limbo contest can make it truly exciting. You can use an umbrella or stick as the poles and will need to find some rope along with great music to play.

#3: Pictionary Contest

If you have a creative family you might want to consider playing Pictionary in the sand as it is the perfect game to engage the brain and have fun. The sand makes an excellent drawing surface which adds a whole new dimension to it.

#4: Book Reading

You can either all take your books to the beach and have a group reading session and relax in the beautiful settings as a family or you can read a story and bring it to life.

#5: Family Relay Race

There is no better racing track than a long white sand beach and you can tire your kids out along with yourself by taking part in a family relay race. You will need to try to if possible, divide the family into two groups and could even make it more interesting by adding challenges like who can fill up their bucket first in the sea and come back with it still full to the top.

#6: Musical towels.

You will already have taken towels to the beach so you could use them to play a fun version of musical chairs by replacing the chairs with towels. You can use your phone to get cool tracks to play just make sure that no one cheats.

#7: Sand Art

If you want to get the creative blood flowing you can all create your own sand artwork and even make it into a competition with the winner getting to choose what you eat later in the day.

#8: Scavenger Beach Hunt

If you do not get the chance to go to the beach much you should explore everything it has to offer. One of the most fun ways to do this is by holding a beach scavenger hunt competition and the person that find the best object wins a small price.

#9: Beach Volleyball

If you have a super active family you will want to do something that gives you all a good workout and none do it better than a competitive game of beach volleyball. A lot of beaches have a net already set up that you could use so it is worthwhile checking if the beach your thinking of going to has this already there if your thinking about a game.


You can be as active or as chilled out that you want to be when spending a day at the beach. Remember to bring your camera to take wonderful pictures of the sun setting and your great time together. Also, remember that the beach can be dangerous so if you have young kids make sure you keep an eye on them at all times.

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