Best Gun Safes for Hunters

Best Gun Safes for Hunters safe

It doesn’t matter whether you are a passionate hunter or you go hunting every now and then, you have to have a safe place for your hunting equipment like long guns or other firearms. That way you are 100% sure that your firearms are hidden from intruders and people who don’t know how to handle them, so you can avoid any type of accident that can happen if your long gun ends up in the wrong hands.

Since there are hundreds of gun safes on the market, sometimes it is hard to choose that one that will suit you and your hunting hobby perfectly. To help you with that choice, I want to show you two of the best gun safes and the most popular gun safes on the market for long guns and other hunting accessories you can use during hunting.

One of them is used for more experienced and passionate hunters and the other is made for people who don’t hun that often but they do participate in that kind of activity so they have the right equipment. But, one thing they both have in common – they will provide a safe storage space for your firearms.

You can read the reviews carefully and I am sure you will find the gun safe you are looking for because those models will keep your firearms safe and you can be sure that they aren’t only long gun safes, you can use them for storage for other equipment like knives or binoculars because there is room for everything.

Best Gun Safes For Hunters

Best Gun Safes for Hunters

Stack-On 10-Gun Cabinet GCDB-924 – For Occasional Hunters

If you have entered the hunting world then you have heard about the Stack-On, which is one of the most popular brands at the moment. This model is actually not a gun safe, it is a gun cabinet, which makes it not as thick as the other gun safes, but it is still thick enough to keep your firearms completely safe.

This cabinet is one of the most popular models because it comes with double doors and you have the ability to organize the interior the way you like it. That means you can use one side as the gun safe storage (especially for long guns) and the other part of the cabinet you can fill with shelves and use it as a basic storage area. There you can put knives, ammo, binoculars and other things that are useful for hunting.

This cabinet comes with a three-point locking system, which is the best system for the traditional lock and key so you can be sure that your belonging will be safe. This is a gun safe I would recommend for people who often open and close it since it doesn’t have those heavy doors and it is easy to open the cabinet if you have the right key. The cabinet is not that big so you can use it if you have about 10 firearms in your collection, but the total number of firearms actually depends on your organization of the interior and the types of firearms you have in your possession.

Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe AMLD593924-blk – For Passionate Hunters

Steelwater gun safes are heavy-duty safes that are practically indestructible so you can be absolutely sure that your firearm collection is safe inside. This particular gun safe is made for passionate hunters who are proud of their firearm collection because it can store up to 39 guns inside the safe. The lock on the safe is not the traditional lock and key system, it is a digital combination lock so you have to use a PIN code to open the safe.  The entire construction of the safe is made of 12 gauge body with the composite door for extra protection. If you think that this safe will allow a pry attack, think again because there are 11 active bolts and 7 inactive bolts all around the door.

When you look at the interior you will notice that the safe has everything, it comes with a long gun rack, shelves and it even has a door organizer, but for a door organizer make sure it comes with the safe since it is mostly sold separately. But, that is not everything this impressive safe has to offer. The best feature is the fire protection that can last up to 60 minutes and that is a great proof that the safe is made of durable and thick steel. The most important feature of the fire protection is the heat-activated door seal which expands to prevent any type of smoke or heat from entering the safe. If you have a big gun collection, then this one should be almost at the top of your list when you are buying a gun safe because it will keep your firearms safe from burglars and even fire.

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