Essential things to carry when camping

Essential things to carry when camping

Camping calls in for a lot of fun and adventure and is an activity that travel-friendly millennials like to try. The blend of adventure and thrill brings in a lot of challenges and entertainment. Every camping trip turns out to be awesome if it is adventurous and you have all that you can need.

In between the daily hustle and bustle, we wish to have a peaceful trip. Camping gives us that opportunity where we have no proper connections with our social life or work pressure. We get more indulged into nature and its bounty, and give time to explore ourselves.

Tips to get better at camping

If you’ve gone camping before but missed out on some essential equipment, we will list them for you. These will not only help your pack light but also help you pack right! Check out why you need what and pack your bags accordingly.

  1. Duct tape

One essential element when you are going out for camping is duct tape. Duct tape is required every now and then. It helps in a lot of situations such as sealing holes in the tent or keeping your food airtight.

The best way to keep it within your reach is to wrap it around the water bottle. Due to this, you don’t have to unpack your bag for searching for the duct tape. As you always need your water bottle around so the tape will also be easily available.

  1. Easy lighting

The gasoline jug light is a brilliant concept for camping. All you need to do is, equip yourself with a headlamp and a gallon jug. Fix the lamp inside the jug and your light is ready. It is bright enough to light up the entire tent. It is a cheap and easy process to produce light during the night while camping.

  1. Matchbox holder

One tough job to do is to keep the matchbox intact. We often experience situations where the matchbox either gets torn, wet and broken. To keep them clean, dry and safe you can use a container. A ruined matchbox can surely give you a hard time while lighting the fire. Packing it in a plastic container can assure the safety of the matches.

  1. Tic-tac spices containers

Tic-Tac sort of mouth fresheners boxes can be a smart addition while camping. An empty box can serve the purpose of spice containers. It becomes handy to carry the spices and doesn’t take up much space in the bag. You can place stickers on the boxes as well to know which box contains which spices. This is a great camping hack when it comes to carrying spices.

  1. Firestarter

You can either buy fire starters or you can simply follow this easy technique to light a fire. All you need to do is, pack a couple of cardboard egg cartons. This is a great substitute for expensive charcoals which are used for lighting fires outdoors.

Cardboard egg cartons catch burn easily and you can add regular charcoals to it for the fire to last long. It is an easy camping hack as well as an inexpensive method of lighting fire. Don’t use the foam cartons as they won’t burn.

  1. Orange candles

Oranges are a great companion while camping. They are not only healthy and delicious but can also serve as scented candles out of the orange peels. You need some kitchen oil along with it to make candles. Any citrus item can serve this purpose so you can try lemons. It lights up the tent and also spreads a fresh citric aroma.

  1. Sleep Essentials

We don’t know how comfortable we can sleep while camping and that’s the reason why it makes us worry. Well, you don’t have to worry about it as we have a comfortable sleeping hack for you. Using foam pads instead of using anything else will help you get some sleep. It will reduce the chances of getting an achy back as well. The foam pads or tiles are easily available in the local market.

  1. Egg store

While camping out you need your proteins, right? The best option is to pack some eggs but that comes with a huge risk. No one can guarantee that the eggs will be intact throughout the journey. To assure the safety of the eggs, you can try out some easy hacks. On the basis of your requirements, pack the eggs. If you want beaten eggs, then take a clean water bottle and pour the beaten eggs in them. This allows you to carry them easily and you don’t have to beat the eggs. Keep the bottle airtight and use accordingly.

  1. Tent security

Security of your tent is a matter to worry about. You just don’t know what happens when so securing the tent is important. You can place a stick at the center of the tent to level, but it depends on the ground on which the tent is made. You can also put stones and small rocks around the tent so that it stays put.

  1. Cellphone essentials

Mobile phones and social life are the things from which we need a break and so we go out for camping. Then again there are situations when the mobile phone is necessary such as during emergency situations or tracking the location or finding routes. Due to these, the phone is a necessity but what if your phone runs out of charge? Pack a solar-powered mobile charger and all the charging problems are fixed in a snap. Check if you’d need any other accessories and add them too.

Final thoughts

How many days you travel leaves an impact on how you fill your backpack for camping. From edible items to the number of clothes, you need to understand how much you carry and travel. Make sure you have enough toiletries and dry snacks. If you plan to share the luggage with your group, everyone can volunteer to carry a specific item. It helps you share the load and travel better!