Great Hunting Tips For Adventure Lovers

Great Hunting Tips For Adventure Lovers

How about some adventure this season? Well, what else can be more adventurous and thrilling than going hunting! Look, as far as you are okay with the legal rights, hunting is fun. It is advisable that you know all the rules and regulations before going hunting. Now that you have decided to go hunting this weekend, let’s check into some beneficial tips that may help you in the process. Moreover, you want to make hunting a fun experience, right? So, let’s start off.

  • Be extremely slow

While you go hunting, most of you do not slow down enough or stay silent for long. For this, you can make use of a watch as your guide. Decide a certain time limit for which you are going to stand still. This is how you can force yourself to remain stagnant in one place and thereby, silence will be more and for a longer time.

  • Stop whenever you hear a noise

When you are into hunting, you must have heard of this saying: “The sound of a snapped twig is quickly forgotten by the hunter, but long remembered by the quarry.” If you make an extremely loud noise, you should immediately stop and keep standing there as long as you can, especially if you suspect any animal drawing close by. If the animal does not smell or see you, it might go back to its original place.

  • Step quickly for deer

Generally, a deer becomes alert very quickly to the human cadence, especially when you walk through the woods. Although it may sound stupid, make sure that you take quick steps for 10 to 20 yards and then stop. Repeat this until you reach your destination. Make sure that your footfalls are light enough to not make too much noise. Your walk should be like a squirrel.

  • Drive alone

If you are going for hunting all alone, it is preferable that you drive all by yourself. Then, walk into the woods by keeping the wind at your back. Your main motive should be to stir the deer and get him moving. After you have entered the jungle make a round of it whole. You may get a glimpse of the confused deer sneaking here and there.

  • Choose your landmarks

When you have decided to go behind a particular animal by encircling it and coming up right behind it, it is easy for you to get confused since you change your location from one place to another. So, in order to stay distinct in your location and be clear about it, you need to choose an object on the skyline that will be easily recognizable by you from the back. This will help you guide through the correct spot.

  • Estimate the space of the quarry

Always try to anticipate the location where your targeted animal could be after you complete your stalking. So, before you start stalking, get a complete idea of the quarry and then decide its direction and length of travel. Check out if the animal is feeding them or simply taking a stroll. Only then can you select your proper destination.

  • Take care while following

When you are keeping a track of an animal, remember that the quarry will be equally alert at the back. If you are selecting an absolutely fresh track, you have to practically hunt the place yourself rather than simply follow the animal. Well, that will be a difficult job for you.

  • Clear out the shooting lanes

When you keep hands on your tree stand for the very first time, make sure that you take up the shooting positions from all directions possible. The directions of shooting differ with animals. What may suit for a deer, may not be applicable to a bison. Next, remove all the obstacles that may act as a hindrance to your way of shooting the animal. Fix a position that requires you to move the least or turn to any direction. Also, make sure that you have your safety strap ready at hand and it moves freely.

  • Remove blind cutter

If you are sitting on the ground or just kneeling next to a tree, remove all the bushes and leaves with your boot so that the area is free from forest debris. This will cut down unnecessary noise when you need to move.

  • Glass and re-glass

When you are looking through a binocular in the morning, you should go to your vantage point when it is dark. Although glass spots, make sure that you do not carry a single cursory look. With time, keep focusing your attention on those places into which you have already checked in. the change in light may discover few animals that you may have missed out the previous time.

  • Follow a blood trail

For following a blood trail you have to be very alert and silent. The quarry may be just beaded behind you. So, you need to be careful. If you are a group of hunters, communicate with each other using hand signals. The least noise you make, the better it is for you. Each blood spot that you notice should be marked with a tissue paper so that you do not miss it.

  • Do not give up

Most of the time, it happens that a good blood trail that you have followed for so long leads you to nothing. Although this is not at all a good sign, yet you can cope up only by having maximum patience and not giving up.

  • Stay alert of the instant drop

If the animal falls down immediately after your shot, do not be confident. The animal is more likely to come up with the deadliest blow than you can ever imagine.


Well, following these tips will surely make your hunting a better experience, however, if you are a beginner, it is advised that you accompany with a pro. No matter what, dangers may come your way. Beware!


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