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For a long time, Japan attracted all tourists with its history, culture, clothing, and visiting the country. What can you see, and when is the best time to do it?

Japan: where can you spend an unforgettable vacation?

Every weekend or vacation, we think about how cool it would be to go somewhere to travel. After all, you can see something new, learn about the culture of another country and local attractions. But each time, this idea is postponed or transferred to the next time because it is so difficult to choose exactly where you want to do it. On the site you can find all current travel offers and select the option that suits you. Here they tell in detail basic information about tourism, climatic conditions, what types of recreation are standard in this country and specific examples of what you can see. This option is ideal for those who want to intrigue themselves and discover all the necessary factors before starting the trip.

Let’s look at one of the countries of East Asia, the land of the rising sun. Japan attracts many tourists due to its unique history, culture, and food.

Climatic conditions

Due to the geographical location of the Japanese islands, different weather conditions can be observed in other regions. Also, all areas are in different climatic zones, so while it may snow in Hokkaido, cherry blossoms are already blooming in Okinawa. In total, 6 climates can be found in Japan, each of which differs in temperature and rainfall; for example, while there is a lot of rainfall throughout the year, a small amount can be found on Setouti and the Nansei islands. Setouti, Chichijima, and the Nansei Islands also have the warmest climates, while Hokkaido can experience temperatures below freezing in winter.

Somewhere in mid-June, the rainy season begins and lasts about a month, so the most popular tourist seasons are from March to May and from October to November.

Japanese landmarks

Thanks to the high rise of their culture and the preservation of significant places, we can now visit many temples, palaces, shrines, parks, and mountains and see the country’s incredible nature and developed infrastructure. Let’s get acquainted with the top 5 attractions.

Sand dunes of Tottori

In addition to mountains and plains, Japan also boasts of its desert, which is often host to tours and sandboarding classes. It is located on the island of Honshu and was formed thanks to the Sendai River, which brought so much sand. You can also visit the sand sculpture museum, and due to the wind changing the dunes’ shape, you can observe different views.

Toei Studio Kyoto Park

This film studio park in Kyoto was opened in 1975 for everyone to feel the filming atmosphere and see how it happens live. Tourists and Japanese alike can watch historical filmmaking and Edo period scenery. Visitors can also try on costumes and apply appropriate make-up. For children, there is an opportunity to play a ninja scene and other entertainment.

Churaumi Aquarium

If you like the animal world, then this is the perfect option. This incredible place contains 77 aquariums, in each of which you can meet tropical fish, sharks of different species, manta rays, and corals. To see everyone, you will need to go around 4 floors of the building. You can visit such beauty in Okinawa.


For lovers of mountains and hiking, there is a wonderful opportunity to visit the highest mountain in Japan. In cloudless weather, you can see it without leaving the city, and in winter, you can watch a snow cap, which makes the mountain even more beautiful. Climbing mainly takes place in the summer, but experienced tourists can do it in any season.

Tokyo Skytree

For lovers of urban entertainment and beautiful places, the television tower, the highest in the world, is ideal. The building is equipped with gorgeous lighting, the color and meaning of which matches the tower. In addition to the fact that you can look at the tower from the outside, it has 2 observation decks and a cafe.

Each of these attractions is located in different cities in Japan and shows how versatile and culturally developed it is. You can find more places to visit on the website.

Seasonal entertainment

In addition to sightseeing and hiking, there are many other exciting things for tourists to do in Japan.

  • In winter, you can go in for an active sport like snowboarding or skiing. The Japanese Alps will help you with this. Also, in Sapporo, you can get to the winter festival, where people create big castles and sculptures out of ice and snow. Also, in November, you can walk around the city decorated with Christmas decorations;
  • In spring, you can watch the cherry blossoms, walk through the local green parks, and visit the many common festivals at this time of the year. Tea and strawberry plantations are open for tourists, where you can see and even pick fruits;
  • In summer, when the rainy season ends, you can enjoy the chirping of cicadas, the beach season, and fireworks, which can be seen very often. Also, you can spend Tanabata and O-Bon holidays. The food in this season is especially delicious, and at every turn, you can see everyone eating watermelons;
  • In autumn, you can watch how colorful leaves fall, participate in the autumn festival, and see an exhibition of cars. Also, the most important event that you must attend is the Grand Prix, a race held at the Fuji Speedway.

That is why you will be interested and varied no matter when you arrive.

Is it worth going?

Japan has a huge history, culture, and beautiful nature. Here you will not be able to choose one thing, and you will want to visit this country several more times because you will not be able to see all the sights and nature at one time. Therefore, if you want to immerse yourself in this atmosphere of tea traditions, kimonos, and delicious, unusual food, then you should definitely start getting acquainted with East Asia from the land of the rising sun.

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