Best Destinations To Use A GoPro

Best Destinations To Use A GoPro

Backpacker, Bird of passage, Explorer, Vacationer, Sightseer or Globetrotter – Which bracket do you fall into? I reckon a cohort of men and women traveler enthusiasts will find themselves being arrested in more than one traveler category in different situations.

Water, Air, Land – An adventurer literally ends up exploring all these provinces during his or her travel expedition. Travel Gadgets, especially a good travel camera is considered an integral part of the travel’s accessory pack. A wanderer speaks a thousand stories through his pictures.  And a great travel action camera is just like an icing on the cake creating breathtaking pictures in each shot.

GoPro – is one such action camera equipment that makes the photographer’s image gallery vivacious and exuberant.

Exciting Places and GoPro

GoPro cameras make photography an exciting affair. A still photograph can be brought to life using a GoPro camera. Doesn’t matter if you are summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa, or wayfaring Florence in Europe inspecting the mystery behind the statue of David, GoPro camera will give an outright new dimension to a simple shot.

Excited to unearth the best locations to make the best use of our professional photo assistant – GoPro? Let us begin!

#1 Best Snowmobile Destinations from around the World

  • Sweden –Getting a glimpse of the magical ‘Northern Lights’ during a Snowmobile Safari in the Swedish Lapland is an adventurer’s paradise. GoPro camera attached to the snowmobiler’s helmet weaves a picturesque display of the entire mystical experience.
  • Reykjavik, Iceland – Snowmobiling trips to traverse through the Glaciers, Ice Caves, Volcanos, and Geysers in Iceland is quite a phenomenon in itself. GoPro on the helmet or on the vehicle itself can open a whole new world to the person re-visiting these places through pictures and videos captured.
  • Hokkaidō, Japan – Hokkaidō, in the Northern Japanese peninsula draws a spectacular view of snow-clad January month. This is the best season for skiing and snowboarding for the adrenaline junkies. Outstanding pictures and videos can emerge from GoPro camera tied to the skier’s helmet and on the snowboard.
  • Lapland, Finland – Seldom does one get the opportunity of frequenting the uncanny and magnificent colorful polar night sky. Much like the Swedish Lapland, Finland’s Lapland is best known for its Polar A handy GoPro camera promises to capture the Polar night’s spell of magic every time.
  • Andes Mountain, Chile – Snow-clad mountain ranges, sparse visitor population. Quite a fanciful location to imagine. Andes Mountain range is one such spot and thus, a snowmobiler’s paradise. One should not forget to bring their GoPro camera along to capture the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scenery around.

#2 Best Bungee Jumping Destinations in the World

  • Macau Tower, Macau, China – People having strong affiliations to the heights and are intrigued by adventure sports like bungee jumping, and skydiving, can look out for the Macau Tower in China. One can either use the GoPro camera on a Selfie-stick or as a wristband for a great view from the top.
  • Thailand – Explore temples of Chiang Mai, Beaches in Krabi Island and rainforest of Khao Sok through the fisheye vision of a GoPro camera. Using the GoPro camera on the helmet whilst exploring Krabi Island from up above the sky can open a whole new world of the realm.
  • Nicou Bridge (or Spider Bridge), Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland – Suspending at a wondrous height of 190m from the ground, Nicou Bridge brings about an artistic field of vision to the Alps (in Switzerland). Leg-mounting the GoPro cameras on the Bungee jumper when he or she is suspended upside down can extract the most magnificent footages of the valley.
  • The Last Resort, Tatopani, Nepal – The hilarious cacophony of thrilled bungee jumpers in the valleys of Tatopani, Nepal can be best captured by a GoPro camera leg-mounted on the jumper.
  • Victoria Falls Bridge, the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia – Carrying out a dreadful adventure sport in the most heroic fashion is a rewarding zest for a bungee jumper. GoPro camera equipment attached to the waist or the legs of the jumper can give an exemplary view of the no man’s land and the crocodile circle.

 #3 Best Shark Diving destinations in the World

  • Maui, Hawaii Deep-sea divers having a penchant for exploring the underwater world of coral reefs, sharks, and other species of the sea, usually tie their GoPro cameras as a wristband.
  • Cocos Island, Costa Rica ­­– When a peculiar volcanic rock formation houses various obedient hammerheads, filter-feeding manta rays along with the fierce sharks, a shark-diving fanatic wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Attaching a GoPro on the diver’s helmet, already supported by a lamp for deeper and darker levels of the ocean, enables the diver to get a 360° view of the hammerheads or the Sharks.
  • Beqa Lagoon, Fiji – Gnarly aquatic adventurers who love to dive along with the sharks with great panache, can look out for Beqa Lagoon in Fiji. Known as a sanctum of more than eight species of Sharks, this destination can bring glory to the sea-travelers glossary, provided one uses the GoPro camera to capture some of the most intriguing encounters with the Sharks.
  • Gansbaai, South Africa – An adrenaline junkie brave enough to face the cold-blooded ferocious predators of the ocean (the killer sharks) can quench their thirst of adventure by diving into the ocean (protected inside the great-white cage). One can easily tie their GoPro camera around their waist or wrist or even the forehead to capture the fiercest moments.
  • Hebrides, Scotland – Hebrides gives shelter to Basking Sharks – the world’s second largest sharks after whale sharks. Basking sharks are quite contrasting in nature when compared to their untamed, snarling larger cousins. Divers who can handle cold temperature should venture out to the Hebrides for a closer look at the Basking Sharks using GoPro cameras.

The GoPro cameras are user-friendly, can be used underwater, and come with a user manual which is easy to understand. One can conveniently import and edit the media in GoPro.

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